My favorite MONEY tools

You need the right tools to get your MONEY issues handled well. These are some of my favorite:

1. Stanchart mobile app. This is a wonderful app and I use it to manage my standing orders and pay bills;
2. MTN mobile money. I use this tool to make payments, bank deposits, and pay bills like Yaka and Zuku;
3. Evernote. I use this to record notes and ideas on how to manage my money. It automatically syncs between my phone and laptop;
4. MS Excel. I am an Excel addict and use Excel for all sorts of money recording, analysis and projections;
5. Google docs. I use this to record my financial transactions. It syncs between my phone and laptop;
6. Google drive. I use this to backup important documents and records;
7. Gmail. I use this to communicate with my team of business associates, bankers, brokers, insurers, etc;
8. Paypal. I use Paypal to make online payments;
9. Expense Manager. I use this app to record financial transactions on my phone;
10.Cast Box and Podcast addict. These are the podcast apps I am currently using. These are used to gain financial knowledge and literacy;
11.Goal tracker. I use this app to track progress on my daily goals;
12. This site has millions of free pdf books on how to improve your finances;
13. Audible. I use audible to listen to personal development audio books from Amazon;
14. CamScanner. I use this to scan my key financial records and documents;
15. Dropbox. This one is for backup of key financial documents;
16. Waveapps. I use this to maintain financial records for my small business;
17. 7M Workout by Johnson&Johnson. I used this app for my daily work out routine to keep my mind fit and healthy.
18. Kindle. I use kindle to read ebooks I purchase from Amazon.
19. Pedometer. I use this to track how many steps I have walked daily. My target is 10,000 steps daily though I hardly hit it.
20. S Planner. I use this calendar app to manage my daily meetings and activities. It syncs with my Gmail and Outlook calendars.

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