How WORDS can make your RICH

In the beginning was the Word. I am sure many of us are familiar with this statement. Words are indeed powerful. All creation starts with a word. Thought and emotion is manifested through words. Words carelessly spoken can tear down relationships and nations. Words can make you wealthy. Words can keep you poor and broke.

Words are simply a combination of letters. Letters are meaningless on their own but when combined create meaning. Entire vocations have been built around the mastery of words. To become a lawyer you need to develop the vocabulary of the legal world. You need to learn how to use words like contract law, law of torts, constitution, exhibit, estoppel, evidence, etc. To become a doctor you need to learn how to use words like physiology, pathology, blood count, prognosis, antibody, contraindication, etc.

To become a specialist at anything in life one has to master language. This truly is the first step of building wholesome wealth in one’s life. It then follows that the mastery of the right words can make you successful at anything. The good news is that most words are free. Know one can stop you from learning how to use any word. Words are everywhere!

I have found that the times I struggle with any part of my life it is because I am deficient in vocabulary. If you are struggling to get physically in shape it is probably because you have no idea about metabolism, calories, diet and how to motivate yourself to stick to an exercise regime. If you are constantly irritable in traffic and on social media it is because you have not mastered the words of prayer, meditation, spirituality and stoicism. If you are constantly broke it is most likely that you have never heard of the marshmallow test. You probably have no idea what compounding means, what reward/risk asymmetry means, and what return on investment means. If you are struggling in your relationships it is probably because you have never understood the five love languages. Possibly you don’t understand what the word empathy means. If you are struggling in your career it is because you have not mastered the language of your profession.

So the first step in improving any condition in your life is to build the right vocabulary. You need to learn how to combine the right words to change your situation. You have to become an alchemist of language. As your vocabulary improves so will your thought process. Your subconscious mind then begins to create the new conditions for improvement. Your behavior and actions will then begin to manifest the new vocabulary in the real world.

Gradually you will begin to see an improvement in your circumstances. Your mind will start attracting friends and cousins of the words you are now using and your growth will accelerate. For example as you begin to use the words of delayed gratification and savings, new words like assets, liabilities, cash flow, and investment will be attracted. Then words like diversification and asset allocation will find their way into your life. Then words like, leverage, return, profit, gratitude will come marching along! And your bank balance will begin to bulge.

Words are truly powerful and yet so free!

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