How to change your life when you feel stuck

I recently attended a breakfast meeting at Serena and got to learn of an interesting model for change. This model is commonly referred to as ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Action, Repetition). This model can be used to change anything in your life.

Awareness. Everything begins with awareness. If we want to improve in our finances we need to become aware of our situation. Same thing with our health and our relationships. We become aware of something by continuous exposure to the right information. Following this blog is a good example for becoming aware of one’s personal finances.

Desire. Desire is all about having goals. Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound). Without written goals we are just floating around. When you commit to write down a goal it sends a signal to your brain that this is something you are serious about. Your brain then starts figuring out how to achieve this goal. That is why I keep on urging you to have written Money Goals!

Knowledge. Next is acquiring the right knowledge. It could be through books, YouTube, podcasts, workshops, seminars, etc. A practical thing to try is to substitute leisure with value entertainment. Instead of watching a soap opera you can watch a documentary about Bill Gates. Read some books on personal finances.

Action. Action is the true measure of intelligence. An intelligent man is not one who knows but one who acts. That is why you have two legs, ten toes, two hands, and ten fingers. These things were designed for you to move, act and create things. Laziness is a curse. All your days should be productive. Without action nothing happens. Begin to work hard, save, and invest. Pay off debt. Cancel credit cards. Reduce expenditure, etc.

Repetition or re-reinforcement. By repetition we slowly lock in the new habits and routines. As you repeatedly do something it becomes a part of you. As you continuously save and invest you begin to conquer the inertia and fears around money. Eventually this money stuff becomes ingrained in your brain.

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