Re-imagining your daily commute


The Money Engineer

I am seated at my office desk gazing out of the window and I can see the really long traffic jam! It will take me atleast 1 hour to navigate through this jam to reach home which is more than 20 kilometers from the city center. At this rate I spend about 2 hours daily in traffic. This quickly builds up to 10 hours per week , 40 hours per month and atleast 480 hours per year! All this time just sitting in traffic listening to some annoying radio presenter and depressing news around the country.

What if you could do something else with this time?

Actually you can! You can turn your commute into a mobile University. All you need is a smartphone, earphones and some data bundles. It would take you about 3 – 4 years doing this to acquire the equivalent of a 3 year degree from Makerere. For instance the minimum graduation load for a BSc in Computer Science is 127 credit units. A credit unit is equivalent to 15 contact hours. So basically you need 1,905 hours to complete the course. This works out to about 4 years. 2 hours a day (during traffic jam). 5 days a week!!

There is literally no additional expense and time requirement from you. There are thousands of audio courses, podcasts and books which you can download online on your phone. Whatever your interest is you can acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to propel you to the next level. Say you are working a dull job but your interest is fashion. If you used your daily commute to learn about everything fashion within 3 – 4 years you would know about everything fashion. You can then begin to slowly apply this knowledge and eventually make a new career out of it. And all for what? Simply switching what you listen to for 2 hours a day! You could literally change the course of your career and your life by simply making this very small change to your daily routine.

If you do this consistently traffic jam becomes a true blessing. There is no need to be stressed by the crazy drivers and boda bodas anymore!

I have been doing this for about 3 years now and the journey of self development has been truly amazing.

Someone said time is your greatest resource. Invest it wisely!

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