Why I started a fish farm in my backyard

Backyard Fish Farming

With the economy biting hard n food prices sky rocketing I decided to grow my own fish and vegetables in my small backyard! The process is called aquaponics which is a mix between aquaculture and hydroponics. Basically u feed d fish in the fish tanks, the fish releases ammonia in its urine into the water, the water flows to the grow beds by gravity, the bacteria in the grow beds convert the ammonia into nitrates which are taken up by the plants, the clean water is then pumped back to the fish tank and the cycle continues.

This simple system holds about 100 to 150 tilapia fish and cost me about Ugx 2m to 3m shillings. I will be able to harvest my fish in about 6months and my fresh lettuce within a month!

Imagine if everyone in Kampala was able to grow their own food and have food security for their families? Clean, healthy organic food, free from pesticides and chemicals, etc. Also u can make some good money by the selling the fish and vegetables/fruits. And u get to learn so many new skills in undertaking such a simple project yourself.

Will keep u posted and if interested in learning how to do this don’t hesitate to contact me.

Like and follow this page for more info on how to build your own system right in your backyard.

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