Which type of fish to grow in your aquaponics system?

Which type of fish to grow in your aquaponics system?

For your aquaponics system you will need to decide which type of fish to grow. In deciding which fish to grow you will need to consider several things.

Firstly you need to consider fish which grows well in our tropical climate and in fresh water. So don’t expect to grow Salmon in Kampala. Tilapia, Nile Perch and cat fish all do well in tropical climates.

Secondly you should be able to easily and affordably access the baby fish (fingerlings) from a nearby farm. There are several farms you can get good quality fingerlings including the Aquaculture research center in Kajjansi on Entebbe road.

Thirdly there needs to be a ready market for your fish. In Kampala I think Tilapia is most popular followed by Nile Perch and then Cat fish.

For my aquaponics unit I chose tilapia b’se we have grown up eating it and there is a ready market for Tilapia.


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