How to build social capital

Social capital is an immense source of wealth and power. A solid network of people around can greatly increase your fortunes. You are afterall the average of the five people you hang out the most with.

From my observations of people who are good with other people I have come to learn the following ways to improve your social capital.

  1. Eat with others. Sharing a meal with other people is a magical way to bond and foster deep connections. That why people eat on dates and other social functions. That’s why we offer food to visitors. That why Jesus shared food with people. This notion of eating with others can be expanded to being generous with our time and money as well. People are generally endeared to generous people.
  2. Laugh with people. People are drawn to people who make them laugh or have a good time. Your brain associates your happy moments with the people around. If you are always gloomy people will run away from you. Celebrate with other people. Be genuinely happy for other people and you will not lack for friends.
  3. Cry with people. People remember people who helped them when they were down. Help to ease the pain of others and you will build a lot of social capital. Contribute when people are sick or lose loved ones. Attend funerals. Visit the sick. Help those going through a rough patch.
  4. Work with people. The most meaningful relationships are built when two or more people work together on something meaningful. It could be at work, in business, or a community project. That’s why people in business tend to have lasting connections. People are looking for growth and progress. So anyone who provides the means by which to grow will attract social capital in the form of business partners, customers, employees, suppliers, etc. This huge network will reward everyone who participates in it.

So there you have it. The way to build social capital is to eat, laugh, cry and work with other people who would be willing to do the same for you.

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