Drink not to elevation, eat not to dullness.

Many good people have been ruined by too much drink and food. I have had colleagues whose careers were ruined by too much consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating substances. I also know many people with all sorts of lifestyle diseases coming from bad nutrition.

Bad habits always start innocently but can eventually suck you in and ruin your life. A drinking habit can start with a casual drink at a party and can escalate rapidly if not controlled. A craving for unhealthy food can come from stresses at work which can spiral out of control.

The best strategy against too much consumption is self-control. We should strive against being enslaved by our desires. You can’t truly be free if you are always tossed around looking to satisfy endless desires. True wealth lies in training our minds to desire less. A man who forever desires more is indeed poor.

Run for dear life from intoxicating substances and overconsumption. Many young people’s lives have been destroyed by too much consumption of drugs and alcohol. Don’t hang out with people who are up to no good. Watch out for other guilty pleasures like binging on social media, eating fast foods, shopping, hypersexuality, etc. Moderation is key in everything we do. Focus on building healthy habits which are good for your life.

Like Ben Franklin said, “Drink not to elevation, eat not to dullness!”

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