Planting and harvesting

There is a time to plant and a time to harvest. You can’t harvest before planting, and you should not plant without the expectation of harvest. The harvest is in direct proportion to what you plant. As you sow, so shall you reap. You can only harvest what you have planted. A banana plant will produce bananas. It can’t produce apples. So it is with you. If you plant seeds of prosperity, happiness, joy, etc.; then that is what your life will become. If you sow seeds of discord, poverty, gossip, etc.; then your life will be filled with these things.

You can’t plant and harvest at the same time. There is a time lag between sowing and reaping. Don’t expect to eat of your fruit immediately after planting. You need to give some time to the infinite intelligence to create that which you desire. The harvest is usually more abundant than the seed. One bean seed brings forth hundreds of beans. That is how creation works. It is seeking more life. Planting is the means by which you can cooperate with nature to have more things in your life. You can’t grow without planting.

Believe that you will harvest as you plant. Give no room to doubt and fear. Rest in the knowledge that whoever plants with diligence will surely reap. Be grateful for the opportunity to plant. Don’t dwell on the troubles of planting. Simply do your part and let God do the rest.

Plant in fertile soils and protect your seed. Don’t dwell on things outside your control. Don’t watch the news with all its gloom and doomsday stories. Be intentional about how you spend your time. Focus on your plants and tend to your garden. Inspect the garden; water the plants; remove the weeds; spray the pest. Don’t be discouraged when the harvest is not forthcoming as anticipated. It will surely come. You may have to plant different seeds, in different soils, at different times. But the harvest will surely come as long as you keep planting.

Save a portion of your harvest for planting the next season. A portion of your harvest becomes the seed for the next project. That is why the rich get richer. This is how compound interest works. The creative process is never-ending, and it constantly aids the men and women who plant more seeds.

Enjoy the harvest. Don’t feel guilty when your storehouses are full of riches and yet your neighbor lies in want. Help your neighbor but enjoy your wealth. If your neighbor is eager and willing, teach him to be rich as well. If he’s unwilling let him be.

Protect your harvest. Don’t let your harvest go to waste. Enjoy the harvest. Do great things with your harvest. Move onto bigger things. Convert your harvest into different forms and sell some of it in the marketplace. Generate more income and use it to buy more fields and seeds.

Plant again. Don’t slumber off after harvesting. The next season is coming around. Prepare your fields once again and plant more seeds; different seeds; greater seeds; in different places. If you do these things; planting and harvesting will become the norm in your life and you shall not lack.

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