The advancing man

The advancing man believes that he is already rich and acts in such a way to realize his ambition irrespective of his situation. The advancing man or woman is creative and not competitive. He/she believes in more life for all. As such he/she adds more value to other people in every transaction. He/she knows that there is enough to go around for everyone.

Opportunity is drawn to the advancing man. Nature is ever expanding and seeks out the advancing man to aid its progression. The advancing woman sees opportunity everywhere. She does not wait for perfect conditions to act. She acts on the things and people in her present condition. The advancing man believes that the world is becoming a better place. He prefers to error on abundant optimism rather than dwell in negativity.

The advancing woman acts with persistence. She doesn’t give up at the first sign of defeat. Temporary defeat is just a sign of better things to come. She presses on even when the going gets tough. She is busy during the day and at evening she’s engaged in something else. She tries this and then that until she finds the right vocation for her aptitude. 

The advancing man has faith that all the forces of good are acting in his favor as long as he’s advancing more life for all. He knows it’s simply a matter of time before his dream is manifested. The advancing man has a clear vision of what he wants. Each day he meditates on this vision and takes tangible steps towards it. He is both firm and flexible in his quest to fulfill his vision.

The advancing man is a relentless problem solver. He knows that his journey is filled with all sorts of obstacles. He identifies the problems and their root causes and then finds solutions for implementation. He repeats this problem-solving loop infinitely until he gets what he wants.

The world is drawn to the advancing man for he represents creative and rich potential. People are drawn to people who have mastered the secrets of life and can demonstrate increase and more life to others.

My prayer for you is that you become an advancing man or woman!

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