Finding the upper limit

I liked mathematics in school and I was really good at it. In high school, we studied a branch of mathematics called calculus. Calculus is a branch of mathematics concerned with the calculation of instantaneous rates of change (differential calculus) and the summation of infinitely many small factors to determine some whole (integral calculus). Calculus was invented by Sir Isaac Newton as he studied the motions of the planets. He had no way to describe his findings so he created calculus to enable him to prescribe his equations. Calculus is fundamental in physics, engineering, and other sciences; and has found application in computing, aviation, and many other fields.

One of the fundamental problems in calculus is to find the natural limits of an expression. For instance, to what extent can a space shuttle heat up upon reentry into the atmosphere. Or to what extent can a pandemic spread within a community.

An interesting application of calculus is to determine the upper limit of a function. For instance to what extent can you grow your business? Or to what extent can you grow within your career? Or what is the natural limit to your potential? Or how happy can you become? Now, subject to certain constraints we expect a natural limit to personal growth. For example, you may not have the capital to scale your business, or your career may be limited because of family circumstances. 

However, the case may be made that there is no limit to our potential. Since we are co-creators with God, our creative ability is therefore infinite. There is no natural limit to fully expressing ourselves to become the persons we were created to be. This means that we can act in a way that brings us closer and closer to our infinite potential, but we can never fully exhaust this potential.

The quest for our upper limits forces us to stretch and grow in proportion to the upper limit we are chasing. For example, if you’re committed to losing weight, you will be forced to eat right and exercise. If you’re seeking a lot of riches you will be required to work hard and take on more risks. The upper limit we chase can therefore act as a beacon to guide us in this busy and confusing life. So choose a worthwhile upper limit and then pursue it with everything you’ve got. In this way, you’ll find a means to fully express yourself.

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