Why stagnation causes displeasure?

The human spirit was designed to advance towards more life. In Genesis, God tells Adam and Eve to name all the animals and plants, thereby giving them creative ability to use words to bring things to life. He also gives them power over all things in the world and tells them to go forth and multiply.

To be able to create, Adam is both blessed and cursed to toil and work all his life. Eve is blessed to have the gift of children, through much pain and suffering. Creative pursuit is full of troubles but is extremely rewarding.

So we are called to more life by our Creator. We are to use the things before us to mould them into different forms through work. We are to give birth to children and other material offsprings through pain and labour. This creation process is both painful and rewarding. Nothing meaningful is to be derived without toil and pain.

That’s why an idle life free from intentional discomfort is meaningless. This is because such a lifestyle is not involved in the creation process which mankind is called to.

To create means to advance one’s life. As you advance so does your family, community and country. To advance means to willingly take on burdensome responsibility. In Genesis, God commands Adam to work. He is not given a job. He is simply told to work. This means that everyone can find work even when there are no jobs. The work is to be found in taking up responsibility to make your community a better place. And there is no shortage of problems to solve in our country!

There is too much work for anyone who is willing to step up to the plate. This path will put you on the creative plain which will give you meaning. The pursuit of something beyond you will be filled with trouble but it will bring forth immense rewards. It will advance your life and you will grow rapidly. This growth is the antidote to stagnation which only produces depression and displeasure.

So find something meaningful and move towards it. Bear some responsibility and create a better future for yourself, your family, and your community. This is the path towards meaning and happiness.

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