Why action matters

To get from your current place to your desired place you have to act. You can only act in your current place in the present moment. You cannot act yesterday, neither can you act tomorrow. You must act today. Do whatever needs to be done today to move you closer to your desired place. Don’t despise trivial actions because they may be the very things needed to move you closer to your dream.

Act on the things within your control. There is no point in lamenting about things outside your control. Act efficiently and perform each task with the minimal effort required to complete it. Don’t do tomorrow’s work today because this will exhaust you. While you act keep the vision of your goal in sight so you don’t stray too much. 

Action is the means by that which you desire is brought within reach. You can pray and fast all you want but without action, the miracle will not manifest. Don’t try to do too many things at once. Focus only on a handful of actions that move you closest to your goal.

Act consistently. Don’t exert yourself one day and slumber off the next day. It’s the constant dripping of the rain which eats away at the rock. Persist until something happens. Act with faith and hope. Remember like causes produce similar effects. All hard work eventually brings a profit but mere talk only leads to poverty.

Sharpen the saw to act faster. Use the right tools. Acquire the necessary knowledge. Find the right people. You will move much faster if you have the right skills, tools, and people by your side.

Measure progress as you go along. What did you accomplish today? What shall we do tomorrow? What can we improve? What are the challenges? How much more do we need to cover? Assessing daily progress will enable you to solve problems as you go along. 

Finally, celebrate all the small wins along the journey. Be thankful for all you have achieved so far. Recognize those who have helped you thus far and brace yourself for the distance ahead of you.

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