Live. Laugh. Love.

My theme for 2022 is to live, laugh and love.

Live. I will live a healthy and meaningful life. I hope to worry less about the future and the past for they are outside my control. I will embrace the present moment. I will continue to chase after my dream of achieving financial freedom and early retirement within five years. I will look out for and embrace the opportunities before me. I will pursue that which is meaningful and not just expedient.

Laugh. I will find pleasure and joy from simple things. I will dedicate more time to fun and rest. I will approach my work with a renewed sense of optimism. I will smile often so as to infect a good mood on myself and those around me. I will try not to take myself too seriously. I will try to limit responsibility to a few things I can fully dedicate myself to.

Love. I will give and accept love. I will rekindle my relationships with my wife, kids, family, friends and colleagues. I will pursue my work passionately. I will appreciate whatever I possess and not crave too much for what I lack. I will love my country and will do whatever is in my means to make the world a little bit better.

I wish the same for you. 

Happy New Year!

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