Support your friends’ small business

We need to support each other if we are to transform our society. One way you can promote economic well-being in our society is by supporting your friends’ small businesses.

There are several ways you can support your friend’s small business:

  1. Encourage them. Starting a business is tough. Unfortunately our society doesn’t celebrate entrepreneurs enough. So be the friend who encourages and supports your hustling friends.
  2. Buy from them. Try out their products even if you don’t use them. We have to build each other if we expect our economy to transform.
  3. Refer your friends. Send as many referrals as you can. When your friends prosper you also prosper as well.
  4. Invest in them. Offer some business loans and even partner with your friends. Let’s hold business showers where we contribute to our friends business ventures.
  5. Pray for them. Running a business is tough. Sometimes you need all the spiritual intervention you can get.
  6. Provide networks. Connect them to opportunities like funding, new markets, suppliers, information, etc.
  7. Promote them on social media. Like, share, comment on their business posts. Don’t just ignore their business posts.
  8. Be genuinely happy for their progress. Don’t hate on their successes. Remember you are the average of the five people closest to you. If your friends prosper it means you are going up as well. So become their biggest cheer leader.
  9. Don’t laugh at their failures. Most small businesses fail. Don’t be the person who says, “I told you so!” Be encouraging and supportive!
  10. Pay on time. Small businesses are cash constrained. Pay on time for goods and services from friends. Don’t be the person who wants free products from your friend’s shop.
  11. Don’t over negotiate. Just pay the price you’re told. When your friend does well you will also do well. That small business needs all the cash it can get. If possible pay extra and consider it an investment in their venture.
  12. Provide feedback. Provide both negative and positive aimed at improving the business. Negative feedback can be given without hurting their feelings and self esteem.
  13. Give professional advise. Give professional advise and ideas if you can. Avoid giving generic advice where you know nothing as well! Listening maybe better help after all.
  14. Volunteer. If possible volunteer over the weekends and after work. A small business may not be able to afford you but you can still provide some free services to your friends. Remember wealth is best enjoyed together, and not alone!

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