Your money team

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Everybody should have a money team. These are people who help you to make money and grow your wealth. It’s difficult to become rich alone. Here is a tentative list of the professionals you need on your team. If your phone book doesn’t have these people you need to do some soul searching.

  1. Banker. Obviously, you need a banker who will advise you of any good deals like promotional interest rates and financial products. You personal banker should understand your business so they can offer appropriate products.
  2. Financial advisor. A good financial advisor will help you evaluate possible investment choices. She will also help you develop your financial plan. A financial advisor may also offer financial counseling services.
  3. Insurance broker. The insurance broker will help you protect your investments by recommending suitable insurance products.
  4. Coach/mentor. A good coach or mentor can really help you fulfill your potential in career, business and life.
  5. Lawyer. You really need a lawyer in your life. Every contract you enter into should be reviewed by a lawyer. You will save yourself a lot of heartache if you engage a lawyer.
  6. Real estate broker. A broker will bring you good deals and will help you sell your property.
  7. Surveyor. A surveyor is necessary to do all the due diligence before you buy any property. A quantity surveyor will help you cost your building projects before you embark on them.
  8. Architect. Your architect will design all your building projects.
  9. Engineer/contractor. Your engineer/contractor will execute all your building projects.
  10. Agronomist. An agronomist is essential if you are growing any kind of crop.
  11. Veterinary doctor. If you’re rearing any kind of animal you need vet doctor close by.
  12. Accountant. Everyone needs an accountant to manage their business and personal finances.
  13. Doctor. Everyone needs a doctor to manage their health.
  14. Entrepreneur. You need a team of entrepreneurs who can help you conceptualize your ideas and kick start your projects.
  15. Forester. If you’re into commercial forestry a forester is a must.
  16. ICT professional. You need an ICT professional to set up systems in your business and also manage your digital channels like websites.
  17. Brand/Marketing professional. A marketing professional will help you position your services and products to the right audience.
  18. Business Manager. A good business manager will manage all your projects on your behalf. They should be competent in a wide range of fields.
  19. Therapist. Life is stressful. You need a professional therapist to help you navigate life’s difficult journey. The therapist could be a trusted friend, spouse or spiritual leader. Make sure they don’t take advantage of you!
  20. Boda boda. You need a reliable boda guy to run your errands. Your time is valuable and you should outsource small tasks to other people.
  21. Maid. A good maid will help to organize the home so you can focus on other bigger projects. Treat them fairly and pay a decent wage to get good value from them.
  22. Driver. At some point you need to hire a driver to run your errands as you focus on your career and business. A trusted driver can be an excellent resource.
  23. Personal assistant. If you’re very busy consider hiring a personal assistant to help organize your diary and manage all the other tasks.

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