How to grow sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a staple food especially in the Eastern region. So we decided to plant a few acres of sweet potatoes at the village #hacienda.

First step was clearing the land with a tractor. Two rounds were needed to loosen the soil. Each acre was cleared for 100k.

Next was mobilising local labor to dig the heaps of soil. About 15 men and women were mobilised. Each acre was dug for about 250k. The men do the hard work of digging the heaps of soil.

Then we looked for the vines or potato stem cuttings. These were sourced from different gardens around the nearby villages. Each sack full was about 5k. Each acre needs about 12 to 15 sacks. The women do the planting of the vines. The labour cost per acre is about 40k.

A specific variety which is very sweet and has high demand locally was planted.

Thanks to Jimmy, mom and Ivan for all the hard work in establishing the garden.

Now we wait for a bumper harvest in just three months!

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