Success is not effortless

Today I attended an event to witness a handover of a building project I have been supervising and one of the speakers mentioned that success is not effortless. This got me thinking about what it really takes to succeed. I reflected and arrived at one conclusion. It takes effort and lots of hard work to achieve what you want. Don’t be deceived by people who show you an easier path. The easier path almost always leads no where.

It is easy to dismiss the success of other people and attribute it to random luck, connections and dubious activities. While some people follow this path it often doesn’t lead to lasting joyous success. A better approach instead is to look at a successful person with the curiosity of  a scientist. The scientist would make a simple assertion. They would assume that a typical person succeeds out of diligence and hard work. This is their hypothesis. Then they would pick a keen interest in this person’s life. They would observe and study and find those unique traits and behaviors which contribute to this perceived success. They would study how these people spend their time, who they hang out with, which books they read, what careers they do, what investments they make, etc. Eventually they will draw some reasonable explanation for the person’s success. If these conclusions validate the initial assumption then they would apply these same principles in their own lives. In short they will test their hypothesis. A scientist at heart believes that like causes produce similar outcomes. If my rich friend always wakes up everyday at 5.00am then it’s highly likely that if I do the same thing my fortunes might also improve. 

Sneering at the rich and successful is not  a very good strategy if you also want to become wealthy. You can’t hate the thing you want to become. Your subconscious mind will reject any attempts to acquire the thing you seem to despise. Remember success is not effortless.

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