How to make money without paying taxes!

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin.”

There is a very simple way to earn passive income without paying any taxes. This option is so easy that anyone can participate in it and it’s all legal. This investment vehicle is often referred to as unit trusts. Unit trusts are a collective investment scheme where different people pool resources which are then managed by a fund manager on their behalf. 

Unit trusts have the following advantages:

  1. They are relatively safer compared to other investments like shares and business.
  2. They are regulated. The schemes are regulated by the capital markets authority and the retirement benefits authority in Uganda. This significantly reduces the risk exposure.
  3. You need a small amount of money. You only need ushs 100,000 to begin investing in unit trusts.
  4. Modest returns. Unit trusts pay on average about 8 to 15% percent in interest per year which is much better than what banks pay you on your savings accounts.
  5. They are liquid. You can get your money anytime unlike other assets like land. So it is a good idea to put some of your wealth in liquid assets where you can easily access it.
  6. You can deposit and withdraw anytime. Unit trusts are quite flexible and you can deposit and withdraw any amount of money at any time.
  7. They are tax free. The interest you earn is legally tax free. This is one of the few income streams which are not taxed by government.
  8. You earn compound interest. The interest you earn is compounded. This means that you make more money when you save for a longer time.
  9. They are hustle free. There are no people and problems to deal with unlike other ventures like agriculture, business, etc. You spend very little time to manage your investment.
  10. Minimal supervision. There is no supervision. This means even when you have a very busy job or business you can still invest. It’s a very good way to earn some real passive income
  11. They are relatively predictable. The interest rates are fairly stable. So you can easily predict how much you will earn unlike other investments.

Unit trusts are one of the easiest investment vehicles you can try. They are a good way to diversify your investment risk and provide some liquidity in your portfolio. 

PS. Join us this Saturday for a FREE webinar and learn how to make money without paying taxes by investing in unit trusts.

Topic: Investing in UAP Unit Trusts

Time: Sep 25, 2021 10:00 AM Nairobi
Meeting ID: 831 8141 3581

Passcode: FSs3Fk

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