Is it near or far?

We tend to over value things which are near compared to those which are far. That’s why we find it hard to stick to a diet or exercise regime. The comfort of eating junk food or laying on the sofa outweigh the good health down the road.

The challenge is most good things we seek to achieve are far out in the future. So we need to convince our brains to do the hard work today to become better people tomorrow.

One way to do this is to bring the future reward forward where we can easily appreciate it. For instance if you are saving to buy a car in one years time, you can break down the savings goal into smaller milestones. So if the car you want to buy costs ugx 15m, then each time you save an additional ugx 1m you can buy yourself something nice of say 50k.

Achieving the smaller milestones reinforces the importance of the bigger goal you’re aiming for. It also creates a visual image of what the future might look like. This way the far becomes nearer and we are more likely to stick with it.

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