Financial lock down

We have just experienced a nationwide lock down to curb the spread of the pandemic. The lock down actually worked to reduce the spread of the virus. Most countries across the world have used this strategy to manage the pandemic. 

Now some financial problems may call for a lock down. For instance if you have a spending or debt problem you may consider a lock down for a certain period. For example you may resolve not to spend on anything rather than basic needs for the next 30 days. You may also resolve not to borrow any more money for the next three months. Implementing such a lock down will help you preserve money  and restore sanity to your finances. It will also help you take back control of your spending and borrowing habits. During this financial lock down you will get a chance to put your house in order.

The financial lock down will be painful of course but it’s a better option than spiraling out of control with your money. I have seen the financial stress which too much debt and overspending can cause. At the end of the lock down you can ease the measure and allow some limited spending.

The lock down can also be applied to other bad habits and addictions. For example you may stop drinking alcohol for one month. You can stop eating junk food for a week. You can stop watching porn for 30 days. You can call it off with the mistresses for two months. You can quit smoking for 24 hours. These stagnant periods help to break the chains of addiction to bad habits and give us a chance to make new habits. Habits are maintained through repetition. When we stop doing something our brains begin to forget it. If we reinforce this by building new alternative routines we progressively become better people.

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