Eddie Mugulusi, Founder at Fab Creations Ltd

(In the pictures are bottles and pouches/sachets of our flagship product Shake Ketchup)

For as long as consumers continue to have problems for which there are no solutions in the form of products/services, there will always be opportunities for entrepreneurs. As a small business owner your number one goal should be to identify such problems and match them to the best solutions possible.

When we came up with the idea of #ShakeKetchup, we had noticed that many students in secondary boarding schools across Uganda struggled to consistently eat and enjoy school meals. This was because the food served in many schools was often poorly prepared with little to no spices added at all. A couple of condiments were available at canteens in most schools, but these left a lot to be desired. It is this problem that we sought to find and provide a solution to. #ShakeKetchup was created to instantly spice up food and make it tastier. This was not your usual ketchup though. It’s recipe was uniquely enriched with atleast 7 tasty spices to add maximum flavor to school food.

When the ketchup was launched the results were remarkable and we quickly built distribution to more than 100 schools by the time they were closed in 2020 due Covid 19. For these students, school meals would never be the same again.

I implore you too. Identify a problem first. Your small business thereon should exist entirely to provide a solution to that problem.

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