Don’t do things that you love.

The passion gospel tells us that we should only do things, which we love.

But on the contrary, I think we should love the things that we do.

Doing only things that we love is a bit selfish.

Because the thing which you love may not respond to a need of another human being.

Falling in love, with what we do is much more reliable.

It broadens our opportunities.

We are not enslaved by our emotions.

We get a chance to extract richness from mundane activities.

Love is an elusive feeling and cannot be relied upon to make career choices.

As we all know love, eventually fades.

So, it is much better to fall in love with our work.

We fall in love with our work by bringing the best to the table.

By being the best at what we do.

By caring deeply about our customers and employers.

And by delivering consistent exceptional results.

So don’t waste a lot of time, finding what you’re passionate about.

Instead become passionate about what you’re currently doing.

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