Finding happiness

Happiness is a feeling of fulfillment and contentment. Happiness eludes many of us but can be experienced by finding balance in our lives, enjoying the present moment and staying grateful. 

Being fulfilled means pursuing things which bring you joy and peace. Being content is about gratitude and enjoying the present moment.

Happiness is an outcome of finding balance in our lives. It consists of material, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Material well being comes from having the necessary material provisions to sustain ourselves. Money is necessary to acquire material things like shelter, clothing, etc. Physical well being comes from the right nutrition and physical exercise. Emotional well being comes from finding inner joy and peace. It also comes from building meaningful relationships with the right people. Emotional well being also comes from contribution to society in the form of the right work, career, etc. Spiritual well being comes from belief in something greater than oneself.  

Happiness is not something we pursue. It’s something which finds us when we are ready. 

I pray that you find your happiness.

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