Beyond motivation

Motivation stirs something within us to desire or go after something. In that brief moment we believe that something is possible. Inspiration drives away the inertia and fear. However it often doesn’t last. After Sunday service there is work to be done on Monday.

Beyond motivation lies the difficult task of progressing towards our goals. It is OK to consume to motivational content but you have to put in the work thereafter. At some point you must do the work. Prayers without action is futile. Faith without works is dead.

Beyond motivation there is clarification of that which we seek. Then we need to map out the journey with milestones to achieve that which we seek. Then we take one step. Then another. There will be detours and blockades along the way. Of course we shall get tired. This is inevitable and should be anticipated. The discipline of taking one step after the other in spite of the challenges is what will sustain us on this long and tedious journey.

And as long as we keep moving we shall reach our destination.

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