The lazy business owner

The lazy business owner…

  1. doesn’t care about his customers;
  2. keeps poor records;
  3. doesn’t market his products and services;
  4. doesn’t innovate;
  5. refuses to grow;
  6. simply copies what her competition is doing;
  7. does not build their brand;
  8. doesn’t network;
  9. doesn’t research new trends and markets;
  10. is not committed to the business;
  11. uses the business as a personal ATM;
  12. refuses to hire more help;
  13. doesn’t invest in systems;
  14. doesn’t diversify;
  15. borrows too much;
  16. doesn’t delegate;
  17. has no accounting system;
  18. has no bank account;
  19. has not registered the business;
  20. has no life outside the business;
  21. thinks short term;
  22. spends more than they earn;
  23. is not responsive to customer feedback;
  24. takes long to grab opportunities;
  25. treats employees badly;
  26. pays staff poorly;
  27. evades taxes;
  28. stays in unprofitable ventures too long;
  29. takes too long to adopt technology;
  30. gives up too early;
  31. sells poor quality products;
  32. diverts business funds for personal use;
  33. cheats her customers;
  34. cuts too many corners;
  35. refuses to adapt to changing times;
  36. cheats his business partners;
  37. doesn’t read;
  38. doesn’t help others to start their own ventures;
  39. doesn’t celebrate small victories;
  40. lacks faith and courage;
  41. worries too much;
  42. doesn’t solve problems effectively;
  43. doesn’t take responsibility for business results;
  44. tells too many lies;
  45. is not reliable;
  46. moves from one thing to the other;
  47. lacks focus and attention to detail;
  48. gambles too much;
  49. talks too much instead of acting;
  50. lacks foresight;
  51. lacks drive and ambition;
  52. does not reinvest profits into the business;
  53. doesn’t formalise his business;
  54. does not track or measure progress;
  55. doesn’t market her products and services;
  56. dreams too much without taking action;
  57. complains a lot;
  58. doesn’t seek for the right financing;
  59. guesses instead of analysing things;
  60. afraid of failure;
  61. doesn’t understand their business;

If you choose to become a business owner don’t be a lazy one!

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