How to build a modest house in 5 years?

It is entirely possible to build a modest two bed-roomed house in Uganda within five years using the following approach. Why suffer in rentals when you can be a landlord?

Year 1

Save ushs 10,000 daily. At the end of the year you will have ushs 3.65 million. Use this money to buy a plot of land in Zirobwe or along the main highways within a radius of 40km from Kampala.

Year 2

Save ushs 20,000 per day. By Christmas you will have saved ushs 7.3 million. Use this money to buy some cement, bricks and sand and get a good builder to start the foundation works. You can also start building some of the walls. Stop wherever you run out of money.

Year 3

Save ushs 30,000 per day. By New Years eve you’ll have ushs 10.95 million. Buy more bricks, sand and cement and continue with the walls until you reach the wall plate ready for roofing.

Year 4

Work hard and save ushs 40,000 every day. At the end of the year you will have ushs 14.6 million. Use this cash to do the roof and ceiling. You can use basic iron sheets and a concrete ceiling to manage costs.

Year 5

Work extra hard and save ushs 50,000 daily throughout the year. By the end of the year you will have saved ushs 18.25 million. Use this cash to put in the windows, doors, and finalize the basic plumbing and floor works. At this stage you’re ready to move into your own house. Don’t worry whether there is no paint or power or wall fence. The point is you’re now a landlord. You can now stand proud in the village meeting and announce that you have since moved into your own house.

The funny thing is some people may doubt whether this is possible? The reality is when you start building and you focus all your efforts on the project the money will somehow appear from nowhere. You will find yourself being promoted at work or starting other money making ventures to support the project. You will stop wasting money because you are now thinking of bags of cement and bricks! The Universe will somehow conspire to help you build your new home! If you’re comfortable renting why should the Universe give you money to build a house?

So why don’t you give it a go?

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