The fault finder

The fault finder is always looking for what’s wrong. And because he is always looking for what’s wrong he only sees what’s wrong and misses all the good around them. Something is always not right. Something is always bothering him. When he gets a good job he complains of the workload. When he marries a pretty wife he complains that she can’t cook. When he buys a big car he complains of the poor roads. When he starts a business he complains of the stress. When he is blessed with children he complains of the noise. When he gets money he complains of the responsibility. When he feels broke he blames the government. Everything is everyone else’s problem except him.

The fault finder is useful in certain professions where the cost of making a mistake is dear. You don’t want an Engineer who carelessly builds a bridge or a doctor who diagnoses the wrong problem. But fault finding should not be projected onto everyone and everything. Life is not perfect and that’s why it’s so beautiful. Nature derives its beauty from its imperfections.

The fault finder should pick a lesson from children. Children have a natural curiosity not to find fault but to explore and learn. Children find beauty and joy in the simplest of things. They see the world as full of opportunities. They laugh and giggle at simple things. They dance with the imperfections around them.

Fault finding should not be the default mode because then we miss out on all the beauty life has to offer.

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