When life throws you a curve ball

More often than not life seems to throws nasty surprises at us. It could be an illness of a close relation. You might get let down by a close associate. You may fall victim to fraud. It could be an accident or a sudden job loss. Your business might even collapse. It appears that curve balls are part and parcel of life. 

There are fundamentally three approaches to dealing with curve balls. The first approach is to determine whether we are dealing with a curve ball in the first place. Many times the problems we experience in life are actually great opportunities when viewed from a different perspective. Losing a job could be the perfect opportunity to venture out into business on your own.
The second approach is to do something about the curve balls. We can anticipate and prepare for some curve balls. For instance we can take out motor comprehensive insurance to shield ourselves in case we get into a road accident. On the other hand we can do something about some curve balls when they actually occur. For example if one line of business fails you can enter into another line of trade rather than ruminate about the failed business. There is always something we can do within our circle of influence.

The final approach is to willingly accept some of the curve balls which are thrown at us. Accepting the loss of a closed one is painful but it’s the only way to bring healing to ourselves.

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