Gaining Momentum

I enjoyed riding a bicycle as a child. We couldn’t afford a bicycle so we borrowed from other kids at school. There was a particular valley in the road near the school which was fun to ride on. Getting up the edge of the valley was hard. You hard to push the bike all the way up the hill. Once on top you would sit on the bike and with a burst of energy you hurled yourself down the steep slope. Initially the bike fell slowly but as you rode harder you gained momentum. You could hear the cheers and screams of excited kids and worried teachers watching the action from a distance. Many legs were broken in these dare devil stunts and at some point the school banned these activities. Nonetheless a few brave kids occasionally went out for the adrenaline rush.

Now achieving your goals is like riding a bike down a steep slope. Getting to the top is the hardest part. You have to battle fears, doubts and naysayers. You have to overcome temporary defeat. You have to push extra hard. But there is a point in time when you reach the crest of the storm. Beyond this point you begin to build momentum. Your knowledge and experience compound. Growth is exponential. Invisible forces come to your rescue. The journey is exhilarating and everybody cheers you on.

So keep pushing until you gain momentum.

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