I watched my two year old daughter struggle to get her hand out of the cookie jar. She had grabbed several cookies in her fist and her hand couldn’t come out. I tried to convince her to let go of some of the cookies but she would have none of it. So I left her to her own perils.

Some of us refuse to let go of things which seem good for us but in effect constrain our progress in life. We hold onto old beliefs and ideas. We pursue endless desires and thrills. We busy ourselves in trivial matters. And then we complain about all the bad things in our lives. When someone points out that we should let go of some things we ignore these insights.

Someone came to me struggling to make more money. So I did an inventory of her skills, experiences, and passions. I then advised her to focus all her efforts in a certain niche of the market. I even gave them a detailed strategy to follow. A few months later this same person tells me things are not working and they want to try other things. So we reviewed the strategy and evaluated what we had agreed upon. This person had barely done 10% of the things they were supposed to do. And now they were crying that they were broke!

 You have to let go of some things to gain new things. So let go of the excuses, the indecision, the laziness, the procrastination, the lack of self confidence, the rigidness, and the bad habits. If you want to be rich, happy and healthy you have to learn to act in a certain way.

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