This is NOT a dead year for education!

Many schools around the world are closed due to COVID-19. This is an excellent opportunity to teach kids things that really matter in life. The current education system was built for the Industrial age which required standardization and batching of students by age groups and handing out the same degree after several years of school.

In an information age Google and YouTube have all the answers you will ever need in life. It absolutely pointless to regurgitate and memorize the same stuff throughout school. Parents need to understand that getting a excellent grade is utterly pointless in the information age!The solution in my view is quite simple. Parents/guardians who can afford need to make a few basic investments. First is to acquire a computer/tablet with an internet connection and place it at home. Secondly you need to customize the education your child is receiving out of school according to their interests and passions. Thirdly encourage and teach your child how to teach themselves using the internet (of course install the necessary safeguards to ensure appropriate content).

Learning to learn is the most important skill you can teach your children. Instead of cramming to pass a test encourage the children to learn to gain relevant knowledge and skills according to their interests. let them experiment with any subject or field. Couple this with interactive sessions with them and where possible take them out to the real world to experience what they are studying. Try out different projects to implement some of the things they are learning online.

There are several free online tools which are now entirely free and available online:

For preschool and primary check out

For Primary and Secondary School.

Check out

For A level and University check out the following sites: (offered by MIT)

With a small investment your entirely family will have access to the entire world knowledge database through the internet. It is wishful thinking to assume that the current public education system will prepare your child for a job in the future which does NOT exist today. It is time to take action and complement the current system with your own customized education.

This is NOT a dead year for education. It is the best thing that could happen for your children’s education!

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