This morning as I drove to work I noticed a yard full of trailers and trucks. These trailers were brought here several years ago and have not been used since. The trucks are wearing visibly and you can see the rust, mold, grass, weeds and cobwebs enveloping them. For whatever reason these vehicles have sat here unused for several years. It seems that things which are not regularly used begin to deteriorate. I noticed this same thing with our car during lock-down. The batteries went down and the car had to be jump started. I have also noticed it with certain skill sets. I doubt I can really apply my engineering knowledge after so many years without practice.

Without use things decline. An abandoned house will deteriorate faster than one which is occupied. Money not invested will soon be lost to inflation. A mind which is not used will decline. A garden not planted will be infested with weeds. Our gifts depend on continued use to remain of value to us. So make sure you deploy your gifts actively to remain relevant.

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