noun: agility

  1. ability to move quickly and easily.

I usually play some online chess to try and stay sharp. There is a particular format called “blitz” which I like. The blitz is a fast paced game which usually takes three minutes or less. When playing blitz speed and accuracy is of utmost importance. There is simply no time to ruminate and ponder over ideas. You just have to keep moving. Speed will often outweigh minor mistakes and will overwhelm the opponent. You can easily beat a stronger opponent if you are simply faster than them.

Agility is a very powerful mindset to possess. As your friends are busy thinking of which business to start, simply pick one idea and immediately execute it. I pride myself on being quite fast at execution. I started The Money Engineer blog 30 minutes after conceiving the idea and I have posted an article/post daily since February 2019. We started selling the Dream Nest kids savings kits 26 days after conceiving the idea. Within 26 days we had registered a new company with my wife. We had found suppliers for the different elements of the kit. We had recruited an Operations Manager for the project. We had done all the designs and art work. We had tested the idea and delivered 40 orders. So it took us 26 days to come up with a new concept, fulfill 40 orders of a new product, and generate a few shillings in the process.

Agility is a mindset and as such can be learned by anyone.

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