Vital few vs trivial many!

I had a colleague who was a very effective manager. His branch usually outperformed the rest of us. So I observed and inquired of him what his secret was. He told me that he focussed only on a few vital tasks instead of wasting time on the many trivial tasks.

For instance to boost his monthly cash collections he would focus his debt recovery efforts on just a handful of the biggest customers. The rest of us were very busy chasing thousands of the smaller customers.

There are a handful of things one needs to focus to achieve financial success:

  1. Getting into the right career or business;
  2. Saving money consistently;
  3. Managing debt well;
  4. Investing prudently; and,
  5. Avoiding major losses.

It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life by wasting our precious time on  trivial matters. Simply focussing on a few vital things will tremendously improve your finances.

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