How to die poor!

Suppose you wish to die poor. Here are some ideas to assist you on your journey:

  • Spend everything you ever earn.
  • Borrow too much. And when you borrow divert the funds for other purposes.
  • Don’t save anything.
  • Refuse to invest in good safe projects and opportunities before you.
  • Be lazy and enjoy your bed a bit too much.
  • Refuse to gain any useful skills and financial knowledge.
  • Gamble too much in get rich quick schemes.
  • Spend way more than you earn.
  • Give up too quickly on your projects.
  • Lack focus and concentration in your career and businesses.
  • Have very low ambitions and belief in yourself to do anything worthwhile.
  • Have little or no life and medical insurance.
  • Have too many children and dependents.
  • Refuse to adapt to a changing world.
  • Invest too much in risky ventures and don’t diversify.

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