Overcome Friction

Friction is a natural force that opposes the movement of objects that are in contact with each other. The amount of friction experienced is relative to the nature and size of the areas in contact; the relative weight of the objects in contact; and the speed of motion. The greater the ambition the higher the resistance. The faster the pace the greater the resistance. The greater the stakes and involvement the higher the friction. This concept can teach us a lot about how our environment can aid and/or impede our movement towards our goals.

So as long you are moving towards anything worthwhile expect some kind of friction. This is something to be expected and should not be frowned upon when it occurs. Without friction there would actually be no movement. Cars would skid on the road and would fail to brake; planes could not fly without friction, etc. The idea is to work with the friction we encounter and use it to advance our aims. Always figure out how to turn the inevitable problems in your path into opportunities. And finally, reduce or increase the friction as required to aid your ambitions.

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