How to be an essential worker

Many organisations have laid off many workers because of COVID. One way to survive the job losses is to be and remain essential and relevant to the well being of fellow humans. This applies to entire nations, industries, companies and finally employees. 

Having a job and going to work everyday does not mean you are actually working. Work is any activity which results in the production of a tangible output of value in terms of service or a product. So the only way to check whether you are working or not is to quantity the output of your work. If you have no clear output from your job then you are probably wasting your time at work. 

And the only way to know if youyou are essential is to be directly or indirectly involved in the production of essential services or products. Essential services or products are those which are needed by human beings all the time irrespective of season.

The way then to remain relevant is to produce essential services and products with the best quality, in sufficient quantities at an affordable price. The price you charge should be way below the value of your output. The larger the difference between the value of your services and the price you charge, the higher your relevance to your company and your customers. 

So to remain an essential employee make sure that the value of your output at work exceeds the salary you are being paid. Improve the quality of your work, be innovative and proactive. Solve problems beyond your scope of work. Be available to take on difficult and complex tasks. Keep learning and share information with colleagues. Deliver assignments on time and with minimal supervision. And if you have been laid off it is time to evaluate whether your industry, company and job are indeed essential.

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