If you have no assets

Just to be clear an asset is something you own which puts cash into your pocket or appreciates in value. Traditional assets include things like land, property, shares, businesses, cash, etc.

Now you may not have any of these right now but it doesn’t mean you will never own them. To own these assets you must first acquire an asset which is available to all mankind. That asset is your MINDSET. Your MINDSET is made up of your attitude, habits, knowledge, skills,  and experience. It takes a lot of hard work to develop the right mindset, but once you do it is invaluable. Bill Gates can lose all his money but he will easily rebuild it because he has developed such an affinity for wealth.

The thing to do when we have nothing is to acquire the right attitude, knowledge, skills, and experience. Once we develop our mental faculties we can acquire all the assets we desire.

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