Brace for Impact

When an airplane experiences some trouble and has to make an emergency landing passengers are often advised to take up a brace position.The main point of the position is to help brace your body for impact in an attempt to minimise the damage that could be caused by injuries.

Passengers are told to plant both feet firmly on the floor, lean forward with their head against the seat in front, and place their hands on their heads with their fingers interlaced. This position has been shown to reduce injuries for people who manage to survive crash landings.

As the global economy grinds to a halt, adopting a brace position in our finances could help us survive. Now is the time to have a firm grip on our expenses, adopt an aggressive stance towards investing, and close our ears to all distractions in the news. Focus intently on how you can come out of this crisis better off. 

Decide now to be among the few people who are going to benefit from this crisis! 

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