How to be a bad investor

  1. Don’t invest at all. You can’t do worse than someone who doesn’t invest at all.
  2. Guessing instead of performing accurate analysis. Simply throw money at the hottest deal in town.
  3. Invest in things you don’t understand.
  4. Take too long to decide on what to invest in.
  5. Give up too quickly when you face challenges.
  6. Expect quick and easy gains.
  7. Cry to the entire world and promise never to invest again when you lose some money.
  8. Be too cautious with your money and hide it under the mattress.
  9. Refuse to learn from mistakes and keep doing the same thing.
  10. Refuse to gain new knowledge and to try out new investment opportunities.
  11. Have no clear reason why you are investing in something.
  12. Invest in too many things and fail to concentrate on a few ventures you can really master well.
  13. Invest in something because all your friends are doing the same thing.
  14. Celebrate too early and upgrade your lifestyle when you make some little money from your investments.
  15. Borrow too much to fund a risky investment idea.
  16. Invest too little in terms of money, time and effort.
  17. Fail to keep proper books of account and to set up proper systems.

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