Stop depreciating!

There is an interesting concept in accounting called “depreciation.” The idea is that when you buy a physical asset it slowly wears down. All physical assets except land typically wear down with time. This implies therefore that the value of the asset keeps reducing as you continue to use it and after sometime it’s completely written off.

There are ways to slow down the depreciation. The most effective way is to increase the useful life of the asset. For example you can refurbish an old house to reduce the depreciation. Now there is an asset which accountants never recognize. It is the most valuable asset you could ever own. It was given to you at birth. Everyone has it. The only difference is that for some people it is in a constant state of depreciation. That asset is your MIND. It is quite easy to increase the useful life of your most valuable asset. Like a muscle, the mind responds to deliberate training and stimulation. 

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