Avoid death by all means!

One of the simplest strategies for accumulating wealth is to live long. Generally if calamity does not befall you  and you avoid serious mistakes, your wealth increases as you grow old. This is because of the magic of compounding. If you own some property and you don’t sell it for 30 years, the price will appreciate significantly.

Death is innevitable but easy to delay. The leading causes of death are known. The great majority of global deaths are caused by noncommunicable diseases. These diseases are not spread from person to person and include most heart diseases, cancers, strokes, diabetes, pressure, etc.

Whereas we may not totally eliminate the chances of getting these illnesses we can greatly reduce the risk by leading a healthy lifestyle. Simply eating right, physically exercising, reducing exposure to toxins (alcohol, tobacco + drugs), and leading stress free lives can enhance our lives.

You can also eliminate many other risk factors to your life by doing simple things like wearing a seat belt and not driving under the influence. Also eliminate having unprotected sex with multiple partners.

If you couple these things with the basic finance stuff like working hard, saving,  investing, and taking calculated risks; you will indeed end up very wealthy!

You can easily become very wealthy by living a healthy lifestyle and outliving your peers.

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