The Benefits of Digital Fasting

The benefits of fasting for our bodies are well documented. Fasting promotes weight loss, metabolism, brain function, and immunity. Fasting also improves our spiritual well being and is encouraged by most religions.

Advances in technology have brought to us faster and more intelligent gadgets. Smartphones are now more prevalent. The proliferation of social media has increased our online connections. We now have access to 24/7 news and information. Because of this we are seeing a new form of addiction to our gadgets. We can barely spend a few minutes without checking our phones.

As such our day to day lives are constantly interrupted by notifications on our phones. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and less productive. If not curbed too much exposure to negative information can often lead to anxiety and depression. Most of the content on social media is not very progressive!

One effective solution is to practice “digital fasting” and completely unplug from social media for specific time periods. For instance you can check social media once or twice a day, say, lunch time and evenings. You can also adopt a more radical option where you unsubscribe from some platforms for a week or so. Doing this will help to kind of reset your brain. It will also help you to focus on your most important goals and enjoy the present moment. Ultimately digital fasting can help to reduce our addiction to our gadgets.

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