How to make money during the Corona Crisis

The Corona crisis has brought the global economy to it’s knees. We are seeing a lot of panic selling of assets around the world. This has led to a drop in asset prices around the world. The way to make money is to think differently and independently. As the masses are too scared and acting in panic, the prudent investor should take advantage of the situation.

If you have been prudent enough, you should have some cash reserves by now. This is now the time to leverage your savings and buy up these lowly priced assets. We are likely to see distressed individuals and businesses sell off their assets at below market rate. This is the time to buy up such assets. Land, property, shares, equipment, etc. are likely to drop in price. Acquire assets which bring in some monthly cash flows or which will appreciate in value. Leverage debt to acquire more assets if the interest rates significantly go down. This is the time to start new businesses and compound your investments farther. The people with cash and who remain clear headed through this period are going to emerge stronger and wealthier from this crisis.

When the dust settles in a year or so you will have amassed a great portfolio of assets. That is the beauty with financial education. It gives you an intangible asset which is way more valuable than money itself.

Happy “asset hunting” to you all!

One comment

  1. Time to leverage my savings then!
    Thank you for such insights.
    I will surely apply them asap.
    I don’t want to miss out on your future writings, thus I have followed your blog. 🙂


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