News of the CORVID-19 Corona Virus is circulating everywhere. Unfortunately it is causing a lot of FEAR and PANIC in the world. The economic impact of this FEAR is now in the billions of dollars. This is despite the fact that most people who get infected recover. For most people it is just a mild fever. What is distressing the most is actually the FEAR.

FEAR is a terrible state of MIND. A mind gripped by fear is not capable of rational thought. We know that man becomes what he thinks about. So we need to be careful what we concentrate our minds upon. Media houses and social media has done much harm in aiding the further spread of the virus.

The fear of something brings about the very thing you fear to happen. If you are afraid of falling sick you will end up falling sick. If you are scared of poverty you will end up poor. Nothing great is ever achieved by a bunch of fearful people. What we need is courageous men and women working together to end this contagion. We need to focus on health and well being instead of obsessing on the pandemic. There is no need to panic and act in fear. This disease can only affect one who is afraid and believes that they will get infected. 

Understand and apply the basics of combating the disease. Limit travel. Keep away from crowded places. Frequently wash your hands. Thereafter avoid all news channels and scary headlines. Unsubscribe from all news channels which are talking about the infection. Focus instead on living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t allow yourself to succumb to FEAR. You are stronger than you THINK.


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