What is your number?

2020 is fast approaching. Now is the time to work out your number.

How much MONEY do you want to make in 2020? Write this number down and put it as a screen saver on your phone. Meditate upon this number every day. Think about the kind of person you need to become to make this amount of money.

What are you going to do to raise this amount of money in 2020? What products and services will you offer? What are you willing to give up to achieve this number? What amount of pain are you willing to endure?

Why is this number important? Write down 100 reasons why you MUST make this amount of money. The more reasons the greater the urge to succeed. Maybe you need to prove a point to your family who always despise you. You could be tired of running away from the landlord. Or you want a new car. Whatever the reason write it down.

Even if you are NOT yet ready, begin immediately to move towards your NUMBER. The rest of the details will work themselves out.

My number for 2020 is only UGX 500m. So help me God.

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