Rich people are generous

Capitalism is set up to reward generous people. In a capitalist system enterprises are set up to meet human needs. The enterprises which are most generous in serving human needs end up accumulating a lot of wealth.

Think of the rich people in your village. These people are generous enough to provide goods and services which people need. They own the local shops, the milling machines, the guest houses, taxis, boda bodas, farms, etc. These rich people generally know almost everyone on the village. They are generous enough to risk their time and capital to serve fellow human beings. They are generous to hire and pay many other people to provide the needed services. They go out of their way to build relationships with so many other people. They are willing to go through the pain of building something which serves other people.

On the other hand perpetually broke people are not generous with their time and talents. They prefer to hoard their skills, talents and time for their own benefit. They are not bothered about other people’s needs. They don’t care enough to know other people and the issues they are going through. As such they don’t even attempt to serve other people and if they do they generally give up quickly. They are content with their poverty and don’t strive to make a difference in other people’s lives.

As such the capitalism system doesn’t reward them and they stay poor. So if you want to become rich you have to become generous. Devote your time, efforts and talents in serving others. If you consistently do this money will be drawn to you.

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