Psychology of money

“real poverty is less a state of income than a state of mind”

Einstein demonstrated that all matter is energy. Our physical world is ultimately just energy. Man can create new forms of matter by thinking with his mind. Through this man transforms the unseen energy around him into a physical form he can touch and feel.

All man made things were once just ideas in someone’s mind. This means that to create money in the physical world we MUST first create it in our minds.

Our minds have a conscious part and a subconscious part. The conscious part is capable of thought. This is where ideas are conceived. The unconscious part controls our feelings and emotions. It controls all bodily processes like breathing, digestion, etc. This is where all habits are stored. It is not capable of thought. It controls all our actions. Our subconscious minds have been programmed from birth and it is very difficult to alter.

It is only when an idea is firmly impressed on the subconscious mind that we begin to act on it. We do this through repetition of thought of the same idea with firm belief.

Once we begin to act in a certain way we then begin to create money in the physical world. Once we align our thoughts with our feelings and with our actions, money begins to flow.

So the way to address poverty is by first taking care of the way we think. We then change our deeply held beliefs in the subconscious minds. And then we begin to move with confidence towards our desired results.

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