Grab 2020 by the horns

I have just finalised setting my goals for 2020. I have shared my written goals through email with my accountability partner who happens to be my wife.

My goals have been split into the following areas: financial, spiritual, health/physical, professional/career, social/community, family, and personal development.

My goals are specific, measurable, achieavable, realistic and time bound. I have attached the required cost and budget to achieve my goals. I have an amount of money I need to make in 2020 to achieve my goals.

My goals have given me a structure for my what my life will look like in 2020. I now have something to look forward to and to pray for. My actions will now be prioritised to achieve these goals. My mind is now attuned to what it should focus on. I will not aimlessly wander around in 2020. I am very clear what I need to focus on.

I will review my goals and performance on a monthly basis to see how I am progressing. Based on this feedback I will course correct.

By having written goals which I am committed to I have increased my odds of success in 2020. I have sent a message to my brain that I mean business. My brain is going to perform some neuro chemical magic to get me what I want.

Human beings have an in built goal seeking mechanism called a servomechanism. Once we focus on a goal our senses begin to pick up and act on signals in the environment to push us towards our goals. This principle is well illustrated in a book called Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maltz Maxwell.

Servomechanisms can be found in air conditioners, cars, etc. A servomechanism works by establishing a target or performance parameter. It then begins to move towards the target. As it moves it collects feedback information from the environment. It then keeps adjusting its movement in response to the information picked up until it reaches its target. It is just like the way a laser guided missile works.

So if you want to grab 2020 by the balls you need to design your own servomechanism by having clear written goals which you are committed to

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